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Allen Power Life Worth Living

Healing Hands • Glad Old Man • Living Will • If You Don't Mind
Eden • I've Been Working on the Railroad • Five Constipated Men • Get Up and Go
Still is Still Moving to Me • I'll Love You Forever • Grampa Made the Wheel
River • Look Inside Your Heart • Home on the Range

"Allen Power has put together a CD that sends a message of hope in a most
enjoyable way. It's the soundtrack for a revolution in growing old."
- Dr. Bill Thomas, Founder The Eden Alternative

"When I brought this CD to a family picnic, I was amazed while I watched my entire family
"hush the little children" while they listened to the CD completely and then played it again
From start to finish, each track leaves you feeling good and whole."
- Mike Strobel, reviewer, Golden Link Folksinging Society

"('If You Don't Mind') touched on some personal issues of self-esteem for the aged that were
particularly moving. Would you allow us to bring it to our audiences this year?"
- Noel Paul Stookey, Peter Paul & Mary

"I love it. I've always had a fondness for the 'Five Constipated Men' song
There I was, cleaning the bathroom, singing along. How apt!"
- Cindy Mangsen, Songwriter/performer, Vermont

"From beginning to end, Power's compassion and simple love of life shine through."
- H.B. Ward, City Newspaper, Rochester


Allen Power The Healing Art

I'll Love You Forever • Wisdom of a Child • Dianna's Lullaby
Looking for the Rainbow • Home Fires • Movin' On • I Lean On You
Those Green Eyes • Dreamscape • Look Inside Your Heart

"Allen Power's songs are for all of us. They are songs about living, loving and growing. He captures
human spirit and frailty like a fine painter, his words the paintbrush and our imagination the canvas.
Al's influences range from Celtic to contemporary, from classical to jazz, but it's the stories
that will draw you in and bring you back."
- Anne Hills, Producer


Allen Power Join The Song

Russian River Green • A Child Is Born • Waiting For Isabella • A Smile For Me
Tonight We Will Sleep With The Stars • Love's Fire • Blue Mountain Sunrise • Mary
Folk Festival Blues • Hawk In The Texas Twilight • Join The Song




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